Friday, May 23, 2008

Web Thing #17

Just finished adding my contribution to the Wiki Sandbox. I think I'm done with the Challenge. Thank you to everyone who made this program possible.

Web Thing #2

I've listened to and reflected on the 7-1/2 habits of lifelong learning. I think the easiest for me are accepting responsibility for my own learing and teaching and mentoring others.

I do understand that the easiest way to reach the end of a journey is knowing where the end is before you begin (habit #1) and I can see how viewing problems as challenges can have the potential for avoiding much of the frustration people experience when confronted with problems. But remembering that and refocusing to that direction of approach can be hard at times.

The most difficult for me? Having confidence in myself as a competent, effective learner and using technology to my advantage.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Web Thing #23

My favorite thing about Web 2.0? Probably learning how to manage RSS feeds, followed by coming to grips (?) with and Technorati.

I can't say there was anything I learned that I didn't like. Some will take more working with before I feel really comfortable. For example, I like Wikepedia and all it does, but as far as it being a personal tool I can create and use regularly -- that's going to take more work and time. But at least I have some basic tools now and I can use those to teach myself. Plus I know which colleagues I can turn to when my personal cognitive abilitite fail me.

Bottom line: I feel much more comfortable with all the giant strides in technology I've been observing from the sidelines for a long time. I'm starting to feel like a player!

Thanks, Web 2.0 Challenge Team. You did a great job and have provided much value to your colleagues.


Web Thing #15

I've been reading some of the essays in Library 2.0 and Web 2.0. Wendy Schultz' essay, To a temporary place in time... caused my head to spin a bit, but the concepts, to the extent I can understand them, are thrilling. I just hope I'm still around to be a part of Library 4.0.

The icebergs Rick Anderson talks about are another thing altogether for me. I understand the need to keep pace with the innovations provided by technology and demanded by our patrons. At the interface represented by our local libraries I think we will need to move forward with alacrity or be left in the dust. Nonetheless, I have to say that somewhere, somehow, the tried and true hard copies need to be maintained and preserved.

Web Thing #14

I have been exploring Technorati and have, in fact, joined and begun the process of claiming my blog within Technorati. The following link Technorati Profile is a connection to the process of activating my claim. Wish me luck!