Monday, March 24, 2008

A complaint free world?

One (okay, so far the only one) of the Media Links shown to the right connects to my favorite Sunday morning program, CBS Sunday Morning. Not every segment moves me, but every Sunday several usually will. Noteworthy (IMHO) from yesterday was a report from Bill Geist on a program started in a Kansas City church intended to help people stop complaining. My initial reaction was, "Great. Complaining usually is more counterproductive than helpful and justs gets in the way of getting over or getting beyond the subject of the complaint.

I still agree with my first reaction, but I've come to reflect on the question of where is the line between a complaint and a comment, observation, or objective criticism. I think I know the answer, but maybe I'm being too simplistic. I think it comes down to intent with regard to what we say. And that intent has to also be mindful of what we can reasonably assume our listener is likely to "hear."

I welcome your comments on this, but first check out the link:
to get more information on their program. Their goal for each member of the congregation is to be able to go 21 days without complaining. Doesn't sound too hard, does it? Try doing it for a few hours to begin -- that'll put it in perspective.

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